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Advantages Of Donghao Leather Gloves' Women's Leather Gloves


 Every pair of gloves at Haining Donghao Leather Gloves Factory is hand-stitched through a thousand trials and tribulations, complying with strict sewing standards to ensure that the gloves are sewn-free and firm. This shows that the stitching and firmness are very important, and the gloves also need to be reinforced!

  Donghawomen's leather gloves have a soft glossy surface and a delicate hand feels. There are stitches in the finger sheepskin, which are durable and have good fastness. Sheepskin is comfortable and natural, with a minimalist look, classic and durable, comforting in the palm, and warm and pleasing. This shows the importance of the choice of sheepskin leather, which has a great impact on texture and comfort.

  Leather gloves are all cut from a whole piece of sheepskin without stitching. Inside standard, rigorous sewing, every stitch and every thread reflects Donghao's craftsmanship. Women's leather gloves can be made of soft fleece. The lining is smooth and shiny. The soft fleece is comfortable and not easy to pilling and is anti-static. The advantages of the soft fleece can remove the feeling of heaviness and restraint, and the fingers can move freely, keeping the warmth and comfort. This shows that the choice of lining and lining is exquisite, and it is determined according to actual needs.

  Haining Donghao Leather Gloves Factory's finger craftsmanship, fingertip processing, finger sewing rounded, precise lines, Donghao Leather has skilled cutting technology and sewing thread routing. This shows that finger sewing has high requirements and requires skilled skills.