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Haining Donghao Leather Products Co. Ltd. is one of the professional China Women's leather gloves manufacturers and ladies leather gloves factory, that offer wholesale women's and ladies leather gloves for sale. The products feature high-quality materials, stylish designs, are sustainable, warm, and customizable. We cooperate with many well-known brands, and all our products have been certified by BSCI professional body, you can choose with confidence.

Women's leather gloves Industry Knowledge Extension

What kind of women's leather gloves are more popular?
It really depends on the occasion and personal style, but some popular styles of women's leather gloves include:
Driving Gloves: A classic style, usually made of soft, supple leather, with a short wrist length and open fingertips, ideal for driving and handling objects.
Opera glove: A dressy style, usually made of elegant satin or silk, lined with warm, soft leather. They come in a variety of colors and usually extend to the elbow.
Touchscreen Gloves: Designed for people who need to use touchscreen devices without taking off their gloves, these gloves usually have a special conductive material on the fingertips for seamless navigation.
Winter gloves: Designed to keep your hands warm and protected from cold weather, winter gloves are usually made of thicker leather and lined with wool or other insulating material.
Regardless of style, leather gloves can be a stylish and functional accessory for women in a variety of different settings.

Are there any benefits to wearing women's leather gloves?
1. Women's leather gloves are good for hands and can keep hands warm. The advantages of women's leather gloves are: the whole piece of leather is cut and sewn, keeps warm, locks in temperature, resists cold and wind, is wear-resistant and crack-resistant, and has a long service life.
2. Leather gloves are a very popular kind of gloves. The real leather surface is soft, smooth, plump, elastic, and has a good warmth retention effect. Although PU leather gloves are generally warm-keeping, they are better than wool gloves.

How to choose and buy ladies leather gloves?
1. For the purchase of ladies leather gloves, natural materials are the main ones. Rubber gloves are made of sheep leather (sheep skin and goat skin) with good tactility, fine texture, comfortable touch and low smell. The durable, wear-resistant leather is faux leather. Pork skin has the best air permeability. Due to its large pores, its appearance is worse than that of artificial leather and sheep skin.
2. According to the epidermis, the materials of ladies leather gloves are divided into the first layer and the second layer. The former is better than the latter in terms of durability and ductility, and the price is also higher than the latter. When purchasing, you can check the material identification on the hanger.
3. Choose gloves with full fingers and half fingers according to the style. The full-finger has good air permeability and is suitable for walking and carrying things. If you ride a bicycle or drive, it is recommended to choose the half-finger, which has better grasping properties and is safer.
4. According to the lining material, there are knitted lining and fleece lining. If you are prone to sweaty hands, it is recommended to choose knitted fabrics, which are easy to dry and will not feel damp after sweating. If you use fleece linings, your sweaty hands will become colder and colder, losing the effect of preventing cold and keeping warm.
5. For those who like to wear basic long-sleeved tops in winter, such as outdoor jackets, it is recommended to buy ladies leather gloves without terry bowl buttons, which can well hide the wrists of rubber gloves in the sleeves and have better air permeability. People who wear profile nine-quarter sleeves and three-quarter sleeves can choose ladies leather gloves with terry cuffs, which can take pictures and pose at the same time with better thermal effect, such as fur coats and shawls.
6. Ladies leather gloves are available in long and short styles. The rubber gloves of medium and long products can touch the arms. When purchasing, pay attention to the specifications of the rubber gloves. If they are too small, they will feel tight, and if they are too large, they will slip off. When purchasing short rubber gloves, pay attention to the fit of the bowl buckle, and do not open the wind, otherwise the effect of keeping warm will be poor.
7. In addition to mechanical equipment, ladies leather gloves also have hand-made sewing styles. The high-end leather is combined with hand-made stitching lines, which is personalized retro fashion. Manual sewing generally has a high material cost, and only high-end leather will use manual sewing, such as real deerskin (there is a real deerskin mark on the product).
8. Different fabric materials have different leather characteristics and wearing effects, such as leather velvet, smooth rolled leather, woven leather, etc.