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Choosing the Best Women's Knit Gloves For Your Needs

Winter gloves are an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe, providing warmth and comfort while adding a touch of style. This season, women’s gloves come in a variety of styles and fabrics to fit every fashion sensibility. From cozy shearling to chic leather, there’s a glove trend that suits everyone’s style and needs!
Choosing the Best Women’s Knit Gloves for Your Needs
Whether you prefer a more rugged look or want a sleek and sophisticated design, there are several options to choose from this year. Among the most popular women’s gloves this season are fingerless options, which provide additional coverage against the cold and are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice style while they stay warm.
Consider Glove Sizing for Winter Use
Regardless of the type of activity you’re engaged in, it’s crucial to get a pair of gloves that fit properly. This means selecting a glove size that matches the manufacturer’s recommended range. To do this, simply wrap a soft tape measure around the widest point of your hand (typically right behind the knuckles) and match it to the manufacturer’s corresponding range.
If you’re not sure what size to buy, check out the manufacturer’s sizing guide to help you find the best fit for your hands. This will ensure that you get the most out of your gloves.
It’s also worth considering how your gloves are made and what the company does for the environment. Many companies are incorporating sustainability into their production process, from minimizing waste and using eco-friendly packaging materials to maintaining ethical supply chains.
For example, the Dakine Phoenix GTX features a liner that can double as a standalone piece and is insulated with Gore’s Infinium technology and 85-gram PrimaLoft Gold Eco insulation. This combination of features makes it a standout in our test, delivering great protection and warmth with minimal weight and bulk.
Another option is a reversible knit glove, which can be worn on either side and features a hemmed wrist edge to prevent unraveling. This long-lasting style is ideal for general maintenance, packaging, inspection, material handling, assembly and shipping and receiving operations.
Some knitted gloves are available with removable liners, which can be easily laundered and added to the glove’s lifespan. This feature is especially useful if you work in an environment that gets wet, like the agriculture industry.
The lining of this GliderGloves touchscreen gloves is made from a thin, breathable fiber called Silk that conducts heat and moisture away from your fingers without compromising their warmth or dexterity. Reviewers loved how this glove maintained their temperature and allowed them to stay comfortable when working in cold conditions.
It’s also easy to machine wash, but remember to turn the gloves inside out to avoid abrasion or damage from excess water. If you’re going to be working in extreme cold, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of waterproof gloves that are built to withstand the elements.
The women who make these gloves are paid a fair wage that allows them to provide for their families, and they’re given training opportunities and flexible work hours to support their families as well. They also use only minimally processed wool that’s hand-felted and dried in the sun. This way, they’re able to reduce their impact on the environment in all aspects of production.