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Leather Gloves- Perfect Example Of Old Fashion Meets The Modern Style


Mainly when it comes to gloves it is generally termed that men wear them and somewhere it's the truth. How many times have you seen a woman wearing a glove? By this, I don't mean it's not a Custom Ladies Leather Gloves but it's not properly used by women.

The original purpose of gloves was to keep the hands warm. Glove use began as a necessity and evolved into a fashion statement. The following are the kinds of gloves there are for women:

Evening gloves – Ladies’ evening gloves are formal. There are three kinds of evening gloves, including wrist, elbow, and full length.

Leather gloves – These are often worn with a leather jacket and leather pants

Wool gloves – The perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. They look great with a pair of Uggs.

Gym gloves – These protect your hands from equipment and sweaty items in the gym

Fingerless gloves – The ultimate retro wear. This style can also be used for its original purpose: keeping your hands warm while your fingers are free to do an activity.

Driving gloves – They prevent sweat and oil from accumulating on the steering wheel, which makes it easier to drive

Christmas mittens – These pair well with your favorite fluffy sweater. They are typically comprised of Christmas colors.

Lace gloves – These are also very retro. You can make a pair of black lace gloves look classy with the perfect little black dress.

Touch screen gloves – These make it easier to use your phone while keeping your hands warm

Fur gloves – They generally only have fur on the wrist of the glove. They look chic.

There are many different gloves. You do not often see gloves worn other than in the winter, but there are gloves for every occasion.

Here I would like to bring this to your notice that there are three types of leather gloves namely Leather Driving gloves, Sheepskin Leather gloves, and Silk Lined Leather Gloves. All of these have different features and can be used for different occasions. Leather Driving Gloves are Generally worn by professional drivers, the grain and pores present on the leather have a unique ability to assess the driver while driving. These gloves have a separate opening for every finger and thumb, they are specially designed to hold the steering wheel. You can style it with a leather jacket and skinny jeans.

Sheepskin-Lined Leather Gloves are generally worn during winters to keep the hand warm and it has their own natural wool lining from the wool on the sheep. Sheepskin leather is firm and heavier than slink lambskin. You can style it with cover coats or sweaters with ripped jeans. Silk-lined leather gloves are perfect to wear at the opera, wedding, or just at a night out in town. It's also available in suede material. These gloves are a perfect example of when old fashion meets the modern style. Style them with the mini dress over the knee boots and you are ready to shine out.

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