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Leather Gloves Can Be Purchased Like This!


  Generally speaking, men's leather gloves can be divided into three different styles: formal gloves, casual gloves, and functional gloves. Before deciding to buy, you can mainly consider its function, style, and personal style.

  Men's leather gloves purchase process

  1. Determine the style and material. Appropriate style and material are more comfortable.

  2. Try wearing it. Only after trying it on can you have the most intuitive feeling, such as comfort and beauty.

  3. Check for quality problems. Quality problems found on the spot can be directly exchanged or refused to buy, avoiding many after-sales problems.

  4. Inquire about after-sales service. Know how to solve the after-sales problem of leather gloves.

  5. When purchasing, please ask for proof of purchase. Shopping vouchers can effectively protect the enjoyment of after-sales service rights.

  Tips for buying men's leather gloves:

  1. Men's leather gloves come in different sizes, not the usual size, please try them on when purchasing.

  2. The leather logo indicates that the product is made of high-quality leather; it is a well-made, medium, and high-end product; consumers can enjoy good after-sales service when purchasing leather products with leather logos.

  3. Too much decoration on the surface of men's leather gloves can easily reduce the service life of the gloves. For example, many people will give up wearing gloves with sticky accessories, because the glue marks left after the accessories fall off will affect the appearance.

  4. After purchasing products with leather samples, you can use the combustion method to determine whether they are leather, and the leather will have white smoke. Because of the protein, it smells like burnt hair and dandruff, while the fake skin smells like black smoke, along with the smell of plastic and chemicals. When cooked, the first crust crumbs can be kneaded into a powder, while the fake crust crumbs are lumpy.

  5. Merchants who can issue invoices should be given priority. Invoices should indicate specific material components, such as calfskin and the first layer of cowhide, and generally should not be written as cowhide.

  6. Ordinary men's leather gloves must be equipped with after-sales service guarantee cards. If not, don't buy it.

  7. Dyed leather gloves such as red and blue may fade, especially when exposed to water.