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What Gloves Are Not Cold To Wear In Winter


  What gloves are not cold in winter? How important it is to have a pair of warm gloves when the cold winter hits. Next, let's take a look at the recommended gloves that are good-looking and warm.

  Fits the size. Gloves that are too large can not achieve the effect of keeping warm, and also make it inconvenient for fingers to move; gloves that are too small will block blood circulation in the hands and easily cause discomfort. In addition, the choice should be made according to the material. For example, the elderly have poor blood circulation and dry skin. They should buy soft fur, wool, and cotton wool gloves. People with sweaty fingers should choose cotton gloves with good water absorption.

  black leather gloves

  Black leather gloves are one of the pillars of the thermal industry, and they are suitable for all ages. Winter classic black leather gloves paired with a jacket, coat, or fur are simply beautiful and warm.

  wool knitted gloves

  Wool gloves are a more classic style and are the most worn styles when we were young. Knitted wool is very warm. The gloves will not deform and become larger when held. And with a childlike feel, the effect of age reduction is good. And the fingerless design is more convenient.

  suede leather gloves

  The texture of suede leather gloves is relatively retro, and a little more youthful. Whether it is keeping warm or matching more widely, casual and mature clothing can be controlled.

  Five-finger touch screen gloves

  This year's most popular touch screen wool gloves, needless to say, the material, pure wool accounts for more than half, excellent warmth and comfort. And it is very docile and looks slender. The fingertip has a touch screen design, so it will not interfere at all when working.

  Mink Knitted Gloves

  Mink fur clothing has always been popular with the public. The texture is delicate and the hand feel is very comfortable, which makes people reluctant to take it off. High-density weave, plus the thickness of velvet, so that your hands are surrounded by warmth. It's perfect to wear on a snowy day.