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What Makes Leather Bags So Expensive?


When it comes to bags and purses, China leather bags are the most experimented with of all. Man's perennial love for leather has dominated all others, and this is why the leather industry has worked a lot hard to sustain the love and pride in the form of the best brands across the world.


Any brand lover you ask the reason for sticking to a single brand despite so many alternatives around, the most common answer you get is its durability. Premium brands ensure that they are made of quality and premium products or raw materials only. Due to their reach and scalability, they do an extensive search for the best and premium quality leather, tannins, etc. they can use as raw materials and produce the most durable product. Also, the genuineness of pure leather makes it sustain wear and tear of extensive usage and therefore makes the brands popular.

The Making Process

Genuine Leather is taken through a painstaking process in order to create the fine and flawless products that we often find in popular stores. The stages like Pre-Tanning and Tanning, along with Curing, Soaking, Liming and De-liming, Fleshing, Bating, Pickling, etc. are time-consuming and extensive processes that require proper infrastructure, maintenance of health and hygiene, and also proper waste disposal. Premium brands ensure that they sell the best-processed leather, which will not smell in due course of time, but at the same time will retain the genuine texture of leather on the surface. Additional tanning removes the moisture from the leather which makes leather prone to crack or tear after a certain time, whereas under-tanned leather retains a lot of moisture which will smell bad and also attract fungi.

Creative and Unique Design

We invest a lot in professional designers to create unique and stylish designs for each set of customers. With a lot of attention to the purpose, application, usage, and occasions, we find a lot of variants in designs and styles which later become popular as they appear in different media and campaigns. Therefore premium brands are chosen to create style statements.


The next important thing that plays a vital role is the accessories of any leather product we buy. Leather-lovers care a lot about leather and when choosing any product, they deserve those perfect accessories that may accompany leather for a lifetime. As leather is a highly durable product, local accessories generally tend to rip off, delaminate, or are prone to rust with time. This is the reason why most premium brands always use stainless steel in the zippers, high-quality crystals, and beads to enhance their designs. This calls for a premium cost for the brand.

In the case of local brands, the zippers are of mild steel which rusts very easily when exposed to moisture and rain.

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