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Haining Donghao Leather Products Co. Ltd. is one of the professional China Men's leather gloves manufacturers and Men's leather gloves factory, that offer wholesale Men's leather gloves for sale. The products feature high-quality materials, stylish designs, are sustainable, warm, and customizable. We cooperate with many well-known brands, and all our products have been certified by BSCI professional body, you can choose with confidence.

Men's leather gloves Industry Knowledge Extension

How to choose men's leather gloves?
❶ Cortex
Men's leather gloves are made of leather, and the general daily gloves prefer to choose smooth sheepskin. Sheepskin leather is soft and lightweight, perfect for the hand
Sheepskin is divided into sheepskin and goatskin. The former is lighter and more delicate, like the skin of a hand. In contrast, although the latter has good tensile strength, the surface of the particles is rougher, and the finish and feel are not as good as the former. Therefore, it is better to buy sheepskin gloves when there is no special purpose.
Buckskin is a material often used in many riding gloves, moisture-proof, waterproof, and cold-resistant. Suitable for outdoor use in southern winter. However, these gloves are relatively wide and not suitable for hand shape. Friends who pay attention to appearance should pay attention.
Cowhide is also a very common glove material. Although wear-resistant, the texture is too hard, and it is still uncomfortable to wear such gloves in winter.
Remember to touch the lining when buying men's leather gloves in winter. After all, it is something that directly contacts the skin, and it has a good sense of comfort and warmth. Cashmere and wool are good lining materials, which not only feel good to use, but also can reduce the heat conduction between the hands and gloves, keeping them warm, even when walking up a flight of stairs. Some gloves are also lined with silk, such as silky silk. The comfort of these gloves is not bad.
❷ Animal Fiber
Cashmere and rabbit fur are animal fibers commonly used for winter gloves.
Cashmere, known to many as cashmere, is different from wool than sheep. Cashmere is the fine, rich layer of cashmere on goats. The production of this kind of cashmere is very small, and the average annual cashmere production of each goat is only about 75g, which means that the cashmere produced by three goats a year can be woven into a pair of gloves.
Cashmere gloves feel soft and delicate, light and warm when worn on the hands, and have good moisture absorption. They feel smoother and more resilient than wool gloves.
Rabbit fur is often added to the wrist by manufacturers to enhance warmth, mainly because its fibers are slender, soft and fluffy, with a sense of air; and the rabbit fur is very dense and looks bunched. Even if they are all smashed, there are no pores for weaving. But its fiber curl is less, so the fiber cohesion is poor, the strength is low, and it is easy to fall off. Be careful when buying gloves.
❸ Synthetic fibers
Among synthetic fibers, acrylic is the main material for gloves. It is similar to wool in nature, look and feel, hence the name "synthetic wool".
The choice of gloves depends on what occasion you use
Wearing gloves outdoors in winter should be a happy and warm thing, but with the development of technology, it has become an annoyance. If you want to reply to WeChat, text messages, phone calls, etc. outdoors, you have to take off your gloves... It was not until the advent of touch screen gloves that we really bid farewell to the trouble of "taking off your gloves to play with your phone".
Early touch-screen gloves were touch-sensitive gloves made of conductive materials for fingertips, which could imitate human touch, allowing us to wear gloves to keep warm and operate touch-screen electronic devices smoothly. This kind of touch screen gloves is often visually distinguished in color matching design in order to highlight the touch part, so it is not very good-looking.
Nowadays, more and more brands have launched gloves with integrated touch screens. The touch part has been extended from the previous fingertips to the whole hand, which is not only convenient to use, but also more beautiful in appearance. However, if you are not a person who uses your phone a lot, and gloves are your secret weapon to brighten up your winter style, you might as well buy a half size when buying gloves, especially men's leather gloves, because leather gloves will loosen up after Be used for a long time, otherwise, the fit leather gloves will become loose and ugly after using for a long time. If you want to easily pick up a small coin while wearing gloves outdoors, buy gloves that are the right size so they don't feel tight and allow you to use them comfortably. Gloves are too big and not warm enough to move fingers. If it is too small, it will create a tight feeling and make your hands feel colder.

How to choose a pair of men's leather gloves in winter?
When choosing a pair of winter men's leather gloves, you should consider the following factors:
Material: Look for gloves made from high-quality leather that is thick, supple, and durable. This will help keep your hands warm and prevent the cold.
Insulation: Choose gloves with liners or insulation made from materials like Thinsulate or Gore-Tex that provide excellent warmth and protection.
Fit: Make sure to choose gloves that are snug but not too tight. You want to make sure there is enough room for your fingers to move freely, but not enough cold air to get in.
Water resistance: Look for gloves that are waterproof or waterproof so your hands will stay dry in wet weather.
Style: There are many different styles of leather gloves to choose from, from simple and utilitarian options to more fashion-forward options. Choose a style that suits your personal preferences and the activities you will be using the glove for.
Touchscreen Compatibility: If you'll be using your phone or other touchscreen device with gloves on, look for a pair of gloves that are touchscreen compatible. This will allow you to use the device without taking off your gloves.
By considering these factors, you will be able to choose a pair of leather gloves that will provide you with the protection and comfort you need to enjoy winter activities.