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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Suede Leather Gloves


  The advantage of suede leather gloves is that they are very warm. The disadvantage is that the raw materials of this kind of gloves are very small and cannot be used in large quantities.

  Suede cloth is a wiping cloth made of soft animal skin, usually deerskin, sheep, or goat skin, which is processed by aging, segmentation, degreasing, and other processes. Suede cloth can be used to wipe high-end products such as precision instruments, glass lenses, high-end jewelry, and automotive panels, as cleaning supplies.

  Precautions for use

  1. The size of the gloves should be appropriate. If the gloves are too tight, blood circulation will be restricted, and it will easily cause fatigue and discomfort; if they are too loose, they will be inflexible and easy to fall off.

  2. The selected gloves must have a sufficient protective effect. In the environment where steel wire cut-resistant gloves should be used, synthetic yarn cut-resistant gloves cannot be used. To ensure their protective function, gloves must be changed regularly. If the usage period is exceeded, there is a risk of injury to the hands or skin.

  3. Check the gloves at any time to see if there are small holes or damaged or abrasive places, especially the finger joints.

  4. Pay attention to the use occasions of leather gloves. If a pair of gloves are used in different places, the service life of the gloves may be greatly reduced.