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Common Content And Quality Problems Of Leather Gloves


  Leather gloves are the oldest kind of gloves. They are made of cowhide, goatskin, pigskin or sheepskin. They are not easy to damage and have a long service life. Fine processing makes the leather gloves comfortable to wear and precise to grasp objects. In addition, leather gloves also have the characteristics of good heat protection and insulation properties.

  Leather gloves testing items:

  pH, hexavalent chromium, formaldehyde, azo dyes, carbon tetrachloride, color fastness, component content, mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties, harmful substances, etc.

  Leather gloves testing standards:

  EN420, SN0704, (EN/DINEN) ISO17075, ISO17226, GB/T19941, (EN/BSEN) ISO4045, etc.

  Common quality problems of leather gloves:

  1. The upper leather is too thin, the board is hard, the shell is loose, and the wrinkle is different from the thickness, softness, hardness, and thickness of the pair of gloves;

  2. The color of the leather surface of the same pair of gloves is inconsistent. The color of the palm and the back of the hand is asymmetrical, and the color difference of the finger strips, triangles, and rolling mouth is serious;

  3. The density of stitches is uneven and uneven, the bottom thread is loose, skipped stitches, empty stitches, sidelines are bent, and derailed;

  4. The forked feet are uneven, wrinkled, hanging crotch, the fingers are not round and straight, the left and right thumbs are not the same, there is a phenomenon of straightening and carrying, and the five fingers have loose mouths, cracks, and off-lines;

  5. The ribs on the back of the same pair of gloves are asymmetrical, uneven, uneven, and inconsistent in and out;

  6. The belt and copper mouth device are asymmetrical, not firm, and have different heights;

  7. The joints of the rolling mouth are loose and loose, and the thickness of the rolling mouth is uneven, curved and narrow;

  8. The suede leather gloves inside is too short or too narrow, there are crisp boards and empty boards in the fur, the stitching seams are uneven, and there are missing stitches.