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Women's Knit Gloves Bring You Warmth


  The cold winter has already waved to us. I heard that due to global warming, the four seasons of the year are slowly becoming less obvious. The spring and autumn between summer and winter are getting shorter and shorter, at least this year. Feeling, summer and winter will also be severely differentiated between the two seasons, summer is hotter than ever, and winter is colder than ever.

  In winter, we have down jackets to keep our bodies warm, and cotton boots to keep our feet warm. What about our hands? Of course, fluffy gloves are needed to keep warm. Among them, women's knit gloves are ideal for keeping warm, and they can be knitted at home after learning by themselves, so the whole family can wear them.

  The woolen gloves are varied, each one is unique, and each one is an orphan. You can also add your favorite elements in the creation of the work, such as crocheting a small flower on the back of the hand, Or decorate the wrist with one or two fruits, or combining beaded embroidery elements with women's knit gloves. The final work is gorgeous and practical, but of course, you should be careful about cleaning.

  There are also many types of women's knit gloves, fingered, non-fingered, capped, half-cut, long, short, single-layer, double-layer, quilted, etc. Haining Donghao Leather Products Co. Ltd. is a glove expert in this field, only you can't think of it, there is nothing our factory can't make, and finally welcome everyone to buy.