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How To Choose Leather Bags In Autumn And Winter


  In different seasons, people dress differently and choose different bags. Donghao Leather Gloves Factory will introduce you to how to choose suitable bags in autumn and winter.

  Autumn is here, and the seasons change again, and the wardrobes of MMs also change seasons. Of course, bags are indispensable. Donghao Leather Gloves Factory tells you how to choose bags suitable for autumn and winter from the perspective of quality.

  Different people have different preferences for the styles of bags, but there are only a few types of materials, generally including leather bags, artificial leather bags, and cloth bags. What are the characteristics of each bag of these materials?

  Leather bags have always been popular because it is the most classy material of all. This is not only because of the scarcity and naturalness of the dermis but also because the dermis is more adaptable. Leather bags, as long as unremitting maintenance, proper use, and proper style selection, are applicable all year round. The leather material will not change due to weather factors, such as high or low temperatures.

  Artificial leather bags are mostly PU bags. Compared with genuine leather bags, the grade of PU bags seems to be lower, but it has its advantages: the styles and colors are very rich. Therefore, in recent years, PU bags have a great momentum to seize the market of leather bags. Especially for young people who are lively and dynamic, PU bags seem to change endlessly, while leather bags seem a bit dull. Moreover, the price of PU bags is generally lower than that of leather bags, which makes young people more choices. Buying a few PU bags may only cost as much as a leather bag, so there will be more styles of bags to match. clothing. However, the PU material is affected by the season, specifically the temperature: when the temperature is low, the PU bag will become hard and the surface may crack. Therefore, generally speaking, PU bags are not suitable for use in autumn and winter. Especially in the cold north, at this time, MMs should store their drifting PU bags well and wait for the next spring and summer to use them.

  As we all know, the material of cloth bags is not affected by the season, so there is no need to repeat them here. However, if the cloth bag is equipped with PU material, it is necessary to protect the PU part when using it in autumn and winter.

  Therefore, as a specialized manufacturer of bags, Donghao recommends that you consider leather bags and cloth bags more in autumn and winter.