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Simple Leather Bag Care Tutorial!


  Leather products have been used in human society for a long time, ranging from bags and suitcases to leather straps and bracelets. Therefore, many friends like to use leather goods, but the same leather goods, used by different people, have different life spans. So why is there such a difference? They are only one step away from maintenance. Today, Donghao  Leather Gloves Factory is here to share with you the importance of leather care and cleaning methods.

  Leather goods attend many life scenes with us. Take branded leather bags as an example. We always take them with us when shopping or eating, so it is easy to make branded leather bags stained with oil stains, tea stains, and so on. Moreover, this dirt can breed bacteria or directly damage the skin surface. So what if the brand bag is dirty? Just clean the stains and care for the leather goods. Let's take a look at how to clean the stains on brand bags first.

  First of all, we need to prepare some tools, clean cotton rags, cotton balls or cotton swabs, and alcohol (alcohol is an organic solvent, and organic substances are more easily dissolved in organic solvents. But at the same time, it will also dissolve the grease in the leather, which will cause the leather edge to crack. ), neutral detergent, sponge or super fiber cleaning cloth, leather maintenance agent, etc.

  ① Wipe the stained area on the leather surface of the bag with a clean dry cloth first, then dip the cotton swab in alcohol, squeeze the alcohol slightly dry and then wipe the stained area. Don't use too much force when wiping. Too much force is not only bad for the leather surface but also may bring stains into the leather layer and further pollute the bag.

  ② After wiping with alcohol, we will judge whether we need to use neutral detergent to further clean the surface according to the cleaning situation. If necessary, spray the neutral detergent on the sponge or microfiber rag, and wipe the stains according to the grain direction of the leather surface, which is not only conducive to the cleaning of the stains but also ensures the integrity of the grain of the leather surface.

  ③ After cleaning the stains, we need to wipe the moisture on the surface of the leather bag with a dry rag again. Some friends feel that it would be more thorough to blow dry with a hair dryer, but you need to make sure that you know whether the material of your real bag can stand the heat treatment. Because the general leather can't stand the hot air, it will evaporate the grease inside the leather, which will dry the leather and accelerate its aging.

  ④ After cleaning the leather bags, we also need to use leather oil to care for the bags. Dip a proper amount of leather oil on the rag, and gently smear it on the surface of the leather bag until it is completely absorbed. This can not only restore the bright luster of the bag but also form a protective film on its surface.

  ⑤ After the above steps, our leather bags can be used continuously or not? But when not in use, we need to store it. The best way to deal with it is to put it in a cotton bag, not in a plastic bag. There is no gap in the plastic bag, and the air inside does not circulate, resulting in the leather being too dry and damaged. In addition, we can stuff some lightweight plastic newspapers or foam cotton into the leather bag.

  Generally speaking, it is relatively easy to clean leather bags, as is the case with other leather goods. However, if you want leather goods to be more durable, you should pay attention to them in daily use, to avoid scratches, stains, and so on.