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How To Clean And Maintain Women's Leather Gloves?


  Cleaning and maintenance of women's leather gloves are two aspects that need to be carried out separately. 1. Cleaning is divided into two parts: inner cleaning of gloves and outer cleaning of gloves. Secondly, the maintenance of leather gloves also needs to pay attention to the outside and inside of the gloves. Cleaning and maintenance of leather gloves can prolong their life of leather gloves.

  The cleaning of women's leather gloves requires attention both inside and outside the gloves. To clean the outside of the glove, a leather-specific detergent can be used. First, wipe the outside of the leather glove to remove the dirt on the surface of the leather glove. Then wash the stain inside the glove. Soak gloves in 40-degree soapy water for 10 minutes to remove mold and bacteria. Meanwhile, use a soft brush to clean the stained leather gloves. Afterward, the leather gloves need to be dried outside in a well-ventilated area.

  The maintenance of women's leather gloves is also essential, and the maintenance steps need to be completed after cleaning. Before storing leather gloves, place clean scraps of paper or cotton inside the glove and fill the inside of the leather glove with these things to protect the original shape of the leather glove. In addition, leather gloves should be placed in a soft bag or box, so that the outside of the leather gloves can touch soft objects and prevent leather gloves from being deformed due to improper maintenance. Also, put leather gloves in a well-ventilated place to prevent mildew and deterioration due to the external environment.

  Women's leather gloves are essential for daily cleaning and maintenance. If you don't clean and maintain leather gloves, you can only shorten their service life. The cleaning and maintenance of leather gloves need to be done regularly and consciously because leather gloves are commodities, and only the products that are cared for and cared for can "keep their youth forever" and prolong their service life.