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How Long Can PU Leather Gloves Last?


  The service life of PU leather gloves depends on many factors, such as quality, frequency of use, the environment of use, and maintenance. Generally speaking, if used and maintained properly, PU leather gloves can be used for a few months to a year or so.

  Here are some maintenance and usage suggestions to prolong the life of PU leather gloves:

  1. Avoid using gloves for heavy-duty work to reduce wear and damage.

  2. Avoid gloves touching sharp objects and chemicals.

  3. Wash the gloves regularly to remove dirt and bacteria while keeping them soft and comfortable.

  4. Avoid exposing the gloves to sunlight or a high-temperature environment for a long time, which may cause the gloves to deform or fade.

  5. When not in use, hang the gloves vertically or put them in a dry and ventilated place, and avoid stacking them together.

  In conclusion, proper use and maintenance of PU leather gloves can prolong their life and make them more economical and practical. It is recommended that gloves be inspected regularly for damage or wear and if so, replaced promptly.