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Leather Bags And Logo


  LOGO is extremely important for any item. Eye-catching and appropriate LOGO forms and content are very useful for marking and promoting items, and the same is true for leather bags.

  Today Donghao Leather Gloves Factory will talk about the LOGO of leather bags.

  First, let's look at the content of leather bagsLOGO. The content of leather bagsLOGO generally includes the brand name and logo pattern. These are usually designed and set by the customer. When making leather bags, send the drawings or documents to the leather bag manufacturer, and the leather bag manufacturer will do it according to the required method.

  The main styles of leather bags LOGO are as follows: embossing, bronzing, metal nameplate, metal LOGO, printing, laser, etc. Embossed and bronzing LOGOs are the most commonly used because the cost of these two styles is relatively low. Among them, an embossed LOGO is more low-key, and bronzing LOGO is more conspicuous, and bronzing LOGO can have many color choices. Usually, lower cost leather bags, choose these two styles of LOGO more. The metal nameplate LOGO is to make the content and logo of the LOGO on a metal plate of a certain size and shape through a mold, such as PRADA leather bags, Montblanc leather bags, and so on. Such a LOGO looks a lot more upscale. Then there is the metal LOGO, and the metal LOGO also nails the pattern and text on the leather bags, such as MKleather bags, and hangs the pattern and text on the leather bags according to the combination, such as DIOR, such a LOGO can also be used as Decoration kills two birds with one stone, and then the LOGO is made on the hardware accessories of leather bags, such as on the lock. . No matter what kind of metal LOGO, as long as the material is good and the plating quality is good, the leather bags will look much more upscale. Of course, the cost is higher than the first two. In addition to these LOGO styles, there is another common style, which is to directly print the LOGO on the material for making leather bags, the most famous of which is LV leather bags, of course, GUCCI, GOYARD, etc. The cost of doing LOGO is the highest because such materials have to be customized, customization requires a minimum order quantity, and the total price is usually not low. Finally, there is another way to make LOGO, and that is laser LOGO. However, Donghao Leather Gloves Factory does not recommend customers use this style, unless it is a board, because the laser will damage the surface of the material, which does not affect the overall quality of the leather bags. In addition to these, there are some other ways to make LOGO, such as silk screen printing, pad printing, etc. These methods are only applied to special materials and will not be repeated here.

  The LOGO of a brand of leather bags can be just one style or many styles, such as GUCCI, which can be hardware or printed. Different LOGO styles can be used on different styles of leather bags.

  As a leather bag manufacturer, we will make correct LOGO styles according to customer requirements.