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Here Are Several Ways To Keep Your Leather Gloves Brand New


  Leather products can be used for a long time if they are properly maintained, not just leather clothes and pants, leather gloves are no exception. So how should leather gloves be maintained? Let's take a look.

  What are leather gloves?

  Leather gloves are the oldest kind of gloves known to people. The first layer of cowhide is goatskin, pigskin, and sheepskin. Gloves are made of these leathers and are not easy to be damaged. They have a long service life and are fine The processing makes the leather gloves comfortable to wear and grasp objects accurately. In addition, leather gloves also have the advantages of better heat resistance and insulation performance.

  Top layer leather: The outermost layer of leather is taken from the epidermis of the leather. This kind of leather does not require any mechanical processing and trimming. Advantages of the first layer of gloves: dexterity, comfort, and precise grip performance.

  Split leather: The inner layer of leather is obtained by splitting or removing the outer layer of leather. Advantages of two-layer leather gloves: wear-resistant, suitable for heavy physical labor.

  How to maintain leather gloves?


  1) Avoid water: the fibrous tissue of leather products will swell and become soft when exposed to water, which will deform the gloves.

  (2) Avoid baking: After the gloves are damp, they should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to allow the water to evaporate as soon as possible. Do not expose them to the sun or bake them in a fire to prevent the leather from hardening and brittle.

  (3) Avoid dirt: When cleaning and wiping gloves, first wipe off the dust on the leather surface with a dry cloth, and then apply maintenance oil.

  (4) Avoid pressure: the elasticity of the leather surface of the glove will be damaged, and the appearance will also be affected.

  How do you clean leather gloves?

  Generally speaking, a mild soap solution is sufficient for daily cleaning and maintenance (moisten the leather with a rag and wipe it off, never soak the leather in water for cleaning). Commercially available leather cleaners also work well and contain lubricants to keep the leather itself supple. Tough dirt may be tackled with mild detergents or professional cleaning.

  If the leather is worn, you can apply a non-greasy colorless leather maintenance cream, let it penetrate slowly, and then polish it with a clean and soft rag, which can restore the bright luster of the leather and prevent the leather from drying out.


  glove surface

  Wipe it off with a dry cloth, wait for the pollution source to dry, and then wipe it with maintenance oil with a cleaning effect. As for the treatment of oil stains, use maintenance oil with a cleaning effect. The difference from liquid pollution is that it does not need to wait for the pollution source to dry. It should be noted that if you use this kind of maintenance oil with a cleaning effect, you should first do a sensitivity test in an inconspicuous place, to avoid the problem of fading gloves and affecting the external appearance.

  Inside the glove

  The inside of the gloves is easy to be stained with sweat secretions. If left untreated, it is easy to make the gloves smelly and moldy. The treatment method is to use a cotton ball dipped in a mixture of medicinal alcohol and water at a ratio of about 50%, wipe the inside of the gloves fully, and then put it in a ventilated place to air dry; if the gloves are already smelly, you can increase the proportion of alcohol, but do not use industrial alcohol, because industrial alcohol will cause the gloves to fade and the leather to be damaged.

  What should I do if my gloves get wet?

  After the leather products get wet, they must be disposed of immediately. Use a dry towel to absorb the water, and then place them in a well-ventilated place to dry in the shade. Do not expose it to the sun or bake it with hot air, otherwise, the leather will be damaged and hardened. Remember to wear gloves after treatment. A maintenance oil that restores gloss and softness to gloves.

  What maintenance oil is used for leather gloves?

  It is not necessary to use professional maintenance oil, you can use lanolin, baby oil, or even Vaseline instead because it is easy to obtain and the price is cheap, but when you need to clean, you must use special leather maintenance oil with cleaning properties. Gloves can It is said to be the first layer of skin for knights, protecting hands from accidental injuries, so treat your PU leather gloves well and keep them in the best condition at all times to protect your hands.