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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Leather Gloves?


  Leather gloves have many advantages, but the price will be more expensive. Leather gloves are also very popular with everyone. Its thermal effect is very good, but what are the disadvantages of leather gloves? Today Donghao Leather Gloves Factory will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of leather gloves for you.

  In the cold winter, leather gloves are a kind of glove fabric that is very popular among us. Because it is made of genuine leather fabric, it is particularly smooth and elastic. Its leather is very plump, so the warmth retention effect will also be special. it is good. Pu leather gloves, it's the warm effect. The strength is weaker, but the warming effect is better than wool and cotton gloves.

  The advantage of leather gloves is that some leathers work well. The whole piece of leather is cut and sewn, so its warmth retention, wind resistance, and cold resistance are particularly high. It can lock the body temperature of our body and is wear-resistant. Crack-resistant, it also has a long lifespan.

  The disadvantage of leather gloves is that they are more expensive than gloves made of other fabrics, such as women's knit gloves, and the cleaning and maintenance are also very special.