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Leather Gloves: Not Forgotten Accessory


Leather gloves as well as hats, as well as scarves, seem to have become forgotten accessories as many may notice and think nowadays.

Have you ever thought about why? Have you ever felt a kind of nostalgia when watching 1950s or 1960s movies where women so effortlessly put on and off elegant pairs of leather gloves?

a little research found out quite a few interesting things, you might like to know!

* Surprisingly or not, almost all men (from different countries and backgrounds) have answered that they want to see women dress elegantly, they want to see them wearing stylish dresses, scarfs, gloves, and hats. Effortlessly and with a taste.

* Another group of people said they consider gloves a forgotten fashion accessory and only see them as a beautiful throwback to the 50s or 60s era.

* A big percentage of men all across Europe and a few states in the USA (California and New York) appear to be big fans of driving gloves. Some of them have around 100 pairs in their collections!

* Certain percentage of women in different age groups like to buy and wear leather gloves to match and recreate their retro style looks. Some of them would dress them up for a pin-up style photoshoot, burlesque show, retro movies, etc.

* Small percentage of women still actually like to wear long opera leather gloves to theatres, operas, performances, tea parties, and similar social events.

One of our main missions is to bring back fashion accessories like custom leather gloves, China leather bags, scarfs, and hats back to life and into everyday use, like they used to be. We want to see people put an effort into the way they look. It certainly increases overall esthetics; beauty feels and makes people feel better about themselves and more beautiful.