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Leather Gloves – Why You Should Make the Switch


PU leather gloves have been around for donkey's years (and might even have been made from them at one stage). They’re soft, supple, and breathable, yet at the same time strong, thick & hard wearing. It is these qualities and more that have helped make our Donghao's leather gloves a workplace favorite in recent years.

But for every glove, there is a season, and for leather work gloves, winter is not it. If not properly cared for, colder weather and increased moisture in the air can turn leather gloves rigid, cold and damp.

Your Best Pick for Wet, Wintery Conditions

Leather gloves excel in cold, wet weather. They are lighter, thinner, and can dry very quickly. These features make for added comfort and flexibility, without compromising on necessary qualities like abrasion and tear resistance.

Fit for Task Features

Multiple materials can be incorporated into the glove’s design that allows for unique features to be added, like flexible Neoprene knuckle panels, magnetic nail holders, anti-vibration foam padded palms, impact-absorbing back of hand protection, nonslip silicone dotted palms, velcro fasteners, & fingerless features for small parts handling, to name but a few.

Lots of Styles and Colours

Leather gloves also come in a variety of styles and colors, which helps keep workers’ hands where coworkers operating dangerous plant machinery can see them.


Strategically placed ventilation panels allow airflow so your hands can breathe, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Oil and Grease Repellent

If it’s a dirty job your doing, synthetic is the glove you should be doing it with. The smooth grain of natural leather gloves holds grease making them slippy and difficult to work with. Leather gloves on the other hand are treated with a special coating that repels oil and grease. This along with the non-slip grip helps to maximize precision and protection.

In many situations, the choice between leather vs suede leather gloves comes down to a matter of personal preference. For the leather purists, our Donghao will keep your hands warm on those cold, wintery workdays.