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What Kind of Leather Bags Lasts the Longest?


China leather bag hardly needs any introduction, does it? It has significantly been a part of our lives since ancient times. But not everyone feels confident and comfortable buying leather bags. By knowing a little more about leather, you can actually buy high-quality leather bags for cost-effective prices.

We are elated when people want to know more about the material they love to use. The first thing you need to know about leather is the type. This depends on which layer of animal hide is used to make leather.


Every product is graded based on the quality of the raw materials, and leather is no different. Since it comes from animal skin, we grade leather-based on the same.


Full-grain leather is made from the top layer of animal skin. This layer is naturally thick and resistant to water. The grains (texture) are also packed tightly to increase the durability and sturdiness of the material. So this top layer is tanned (carefully) to retain its natural strength and increase its life span. Then it is processed and sewed into a beautiful leather bag.

Full-grain leather ages beautifully. It means that the older your leather bag gets, the smoother it will be. We could say that an aged full-grain leather bag is the epitome of class and quality.


op grain comes after full-grain and is made from the second layer of the skin. The imperfections in the surface are removed by sanding and buffing to make it smooth and soft. But it also means that it's not as durable as full-grain and is thinner as well. Still, it is the second-best option and comes for a lesser price.


This type of leather is usually made by bonding several layers of low-quality leather. Naturally, genuine leather doesn’t last long and doesn’t look as good as full-grain and top-grain leather. However, it comes at an affordable price.


Also known as belting or strapping leather, this type is thicker and heavier. It is usually used in creating upholstery (yeah, that lovely couch you saw was probably made of this leather), though saddle leather is quite versatile.

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